Shawn Colbeck

Shawn worked on Disney's "Atlantis", "Treasure Planet", "Jungle Book 2" and "The Wild". He was as a key development director and artist on episodics and internal projects at C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, a then went to The House of Cool where he continued as a storyboard artist and key cool person. He teaches animation for an online animation school and has students around the world that he mentors. A director, artist, and a teacher, not to mention the creator of Spaghetti West, The Cloud Factory, and Ask Professor Science. Shawn lives Burlington, Ontario.

Nephi Sanchez

Began his career at Pixar Animation Studios where he worked on "Monsters, Inc." and "Finding Nemo". Then he was the Production Controller for Disney's "The Wild", then went on to be the Head of Finance for Starz Animation. He has worked side by side with the many of the greatest in the industry and brings a wealth of know-how and experience.