Links We Love

Shotgun Software

Production management software that rocks. Used by many VFX and animation production studios to define and track workflow, assets, tasks, notes, etc. We think this is the way to go if you are looking for sweet management software. Tracks lots o' stats for you too.

House of Cool

Storyboard artists, creative geniuses we look up to. These guys are up and coming , in fact they'll be here before you know it, so put your money on them.

Media Temple

Webhosting that you can count on. We use them, people we know use them, big businesses use them and small business still can get support from them. If you want to switch, switch to these guys and you won't regret it.


Welcome to the playground of one Mr Paul Neave, serial Flash fettler and interactive designer. Paul says hello. Hello!

Commander Rob

Follow the adventures of Commander Rob as he travels through space and battles foes, romances the ladies and flaunts his manliness.