Spaghetti West

The setting is the Old West but with a modern twist of villains and gadgets. As Sheriff, Spaghetti West must find a way, (with the help of some unusual deputies) to defend the town of Prosperity against the vile criminals that threaten its peaceful existence. But in a time where lawyers are as big a threat as the most dastardly villain. Politicians wield as much influence as a Colt .45. And gosh darnit, even women can vote! How is Spaghetti supposed to keep law when political correctness, lawsuits and bureaucracy are looming?

Ask Professor Science

The infamous Professor Science is know the world round for his knowledge of everything! There has yet to be a question that has stumped this intellectual juggernaut. Well, to be completely truthful, most things baffle and befuddle this aging man of science. But that has never stopped him from answering! It is a good thing he has his loyal assistant, Penny Atom. She knows all the right people that have all the right answers. When Professor Science goes on one of his misguided but well intentioned explanations of say...what is an itch? Penny steps in and steers him in the right direction, taking us all around the world to meet the new and interesting characters that will inevitably have the right answer.

Aimed at boys and girls 5-9, this animated half hour t.v. show answers the common questions that all kids have. Do worms like the cold? Where does snow come from? Why can ants walk on the wall? Where does the sun go at night? This show will both enlighten and educate kids in an exciting and entertaining way that will make learning about science, nature, math and the universe fun!

The Cloud Factory

The Cloud Factory employs the greatest and most talented imaginations in the world. When a young boy is given the job of his dreams he soon discovers there is more going on than appears. Through youthful curiosity, he discovers sinister and inhumane acts carried out on long thought dead people. In a bold rescue attempt he discovers that his father is still alive but trapped within the factory. With others eager to help they are led by the boy against a battle within the town and factory. The factory releases its darkest minds hoping to thwart their efforts only to be toppled and revealed for what they really are.

Cardinal Justice Enforcers

A long, long time from now in a galaxy gone mad, keeping evil in check has been left in the hands of the elite Cardinal Justice Enforcers. Cardinal Justices Danny-O and Rocket are two superheroes who take their tea at two, love the theatre, but handily outwitt even the most clever villains with a little help from the latest superhero-suits which are equiped with sophisiticated weaponry and spy peraphernalia and come complete with 100 Terabytes of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence ever known to the Universe. With a personality of their own, Unit No. 56 and Unit No. 57 use whatever tactic needed to convince our superheroes to make the right decisions.

Le Mierde de Commander Rob

Something very odd happens when radioactive isotopes are flushed down the toilet of Commander Rob. His poop develops a mind of its own and he is obsessed with studying these strange but wonderful creatures.